Hello my name is April and I want to tell you what to expect from reading my blog. I plan to use this site as a place to discuss my life adventures with the things I love. In the last 60 days or so I have decided that I will improve my knowledge of makeup and my adventure into using natural products for my locs. When I get into something I get ALL the way into it! Before now I had been thinking that MAC Cosmetics was the best product out there?! But I have learned so much about other makeup brands. So as I continue experiment with them I will talk about it on here. I never claim to be a makeup artist but I am becoming better @ using different techniques that I’ve learned from other bloggers. I also love baking so as I become more advanced in my skills I will talk about that too. I currently attend school for Pastry Arts, working to having a degree next summer in it…

I hope that from my trials and errors you will learn something good….