iPhone 4S

Okay so i’ve had the new iPhone 4S for a week. First, let me start off by saying that I switched carriers to Verizon from AT&T and I thought I was making a better choice. I waited  a week to write this because I wanted to give it a true chance, but i’m not happy with this service @ all!!! The coverage to me isn’t good, I’m on 2G 90% of the time!! I can’t talk and look up things, I can’t talk and check my emails!! The things I took for granted with AT&T. I guess I never realized how much I used those things…

Now let me tell you about this wonderful iPhone 4S…. The camera is so much better!!! I hated the camera on my 4, but I was okay with my 3GS camera maybe becuase I had it for alomost 2 years so I was used to the things that it couldn’t do (like no flash). I can’t even comment on the fact that this 4S has a dual processor because of the slow service I have with Verizon. But I can talk about Siri!!! She’s my new wife!!! I love everything about her, she types my text messages, my emails, reminders and new events. She will answer any question I ask her… I know she does more but I haven’t had time to really play with her like I should, but I will and I will tell you all about it!!!

So since I hate Verizon I plan to switch (again) to Sprint as soon as I can get my hands on one!!!


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