iPhone 4S

Okay so i’ve had the new iPhone 4S for a week. First, let me start off by saying that I switched carriers to Verizon from AT&T and I thought I was making a better choice. I waited  a week to write this because I wanted to give it a true chance, but i’m not happy with this service @ all!!! The coverage to me isn’t good, I’m on 2G 90% of the time!! I can’t talk and look up things, I can’t talk and check my emails!! The things I took for granted with AT&T. I guess I never realized how much I used those things…

Now let me tell you about this wonderful iPhone 4S…. The camera is so much better!!! I hated the camera on my 4, but I was okay with my 3GS camera maybe becuase I had it for alomost 2 years so I was used to the things that it couldn’t do (like no flash). I can’t even comment on the fact that this 4S has a dual processor because of the slow service I have with Verizon. But I can talk about Siri!!! She’s my new wife!!! I love everything about her, she types my text messages, my emails, reminders and new events. She will answer any question I ask her… I know she does more but I haven’t had time to really play with her like I should, but I will and I will tell you all about it!!!

So since I hate Verizon I plan to switch (again) to Sprint as soon as I can get my hands on one!!!

High-end Makeup…

So I have been trying to see which high-end makeup brand I like the most. As much as I didn’t want it to be M.A.C., because every black woman thinks M.A.C is the only makeup they can use. I have to admit that M.A.C’s eyeshadows are great. I love MAKEUP FOREVER’s eyeshadows too, because they’re larger and more pigmented but they don’t come in as many colors as M.A.C. I can’t find a drugstore eyeshadow that works for me… I do like and use the L’Oreal hip cream eyeliners, I use them as a primer though that’s how they work good for me…. But I have tried several other brands that I like including: Urban Decay, Stila, Smashbox, Lorac, Cargo, and Laura Mercier… It’s more but I can’t think of them right now😦

But if you’ve tried any drugstore makeup that works for you share….

Getting Better…

Okay so if I’m telling people about my site I really need to get better @ posting. I need to share with you guys about what I’m learning with makeup and my Locs.

Lately I’ve been trying new things with my Locs. I tried free forming but that wasn’t a good look for me!! I’m a manicured Locs kinda girl! But hey to each it’s own…
So I also decided that I’m gonna put some of my makeup looks on here. Because I get a lot of compliments on he my make up looks. Maybe one day I’ll feel good enough to do a YouTube video??

I think I was a little disappointed that Steve Jobs resigned-if you’re asking who is “Steve Jobs” you really should stop reading my blog right now!!!!

So that’s it for now… Promise I will get better @ sharing with you guys…


My iPhone…

So I use my iPhone 4 to do everything I would use a computer for, but more for social networking. I deactivated my Facebook account this weekend and deleted the apps from my phone, now I noticed that I rarely pick up my phone now?!?! So, was Facebook the main reason why I loved my iPhone?!?!? That’s kinda scary… Maybe over the next couple of days I’ll notice more uses for my iPhone….


Okay, So I’ve been known for my red locs for 2 years now and I’m seriously contemplating cutting them off in September and starting them over!?!? I’ve had my locs for 5 years come Labor Day weekend.. I truly love them but I now have 127 locs (who counts their locs?!? ME!!) I want to have at least 225 (I’m a weirdo) So is that a good reason to start over?!?!  I’ll ponder this over the next several weeks…

Long time…

Okay it’s been a while since I posted! Several things have happened since I was here last, I got the new iPhone 4!! I got the white one, and of course I already have the new iPad 2!!! But the main thing is that I got engaged on the first day of the Summer Solstice!!!

So just wanted to post something and will try to do better with posting….


Hello my name is April and I want to tell you what to expect from reading my blog. I plan to use this site as a place to discuss my life adventures with the things I love. In the last 60 days or so I have decided that I will improve my knowledge of makeup and my adventure into using natural products for my locs. When I get into something I get ALL the way into it! Before now I had been thinking that MAC Cosmetics was the best product out there?! But I have learned so much about other makeup brands. So as I continue experiment with them I will talk about it on here. I never claim to be a makeup artist but I am becoming better @ using different techniques that I’ve learned from other bloggers. I also love baking so as I become more advanced in my skills I will talk about that too. I currently attend school for Pastry Arts, working to having a degree next summer in it…

I hope that from my trials and errors you will learn something good….

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